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MasterLock 3KALH 0851 Laminated Steel Pin Tumbler Padlock Keyed Alike $10.69 LAMINATED STEEL PIN TUMBLER PADLOCKWide laminated steel body for superior strengthHardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance4 pin cylinder helps prevent pickingDual locking levers provide extra pry resistanceMore than 3,000 key changesBody width 1 916A 932 B 2 C 58Keyed alike

Master Lock KALH 0 1 Laminated Padlock in Dia in H x in W Steel Silver. Features and Benefits Commercial grade padlock features superior protection from drilling and prying. Keyed Padlock Open Shackle Shackle Diameter in Shackle Material Steel Body Material Steel. Master Lock KALH 1. Wide laminated steel body for superior strength Hardened steel shackle for excellent cut resistance. Master Lock KALF laminated steel lock. Master Lock Laminated Padlock Alike Key Key Number 1 in Shackle Diameter in Shackle Height in Shackle Width Hardened Steel Shackle Bumpers Pins Open Blue Bumper Tumbler Pin 1 1 in 0mm reinforced laminated steel lock body providing extra strength and a in 1mm tall in mm diameter hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance. Top and bottom bumpers for greater scratch resistance. Type Open Shackle number of pins. Kalh padlock 0 1 in shackle 1 1 wide laminated steel case. Master Lock.

Hardened bottom plate for drill resistance. Dual steel levers lock both sides of case hardened diameter hardened steel shackle National 272641 Ballpoint L Wrench Set 22 Piece Inch Metric 050 38. 0 1 Mfr Description KALH KEY 0 1 Review Title Writing Guidelines.

Pry resistance.

Durable general security padlocks have reinforced laminated steel construction to withstand physical abuse and a pin cylinder offering up to 1 00 Masterlock 3kalh 0851 Laminated Steel Pin key changes.

Pin tumbler. The Master Lock No Gilmour Ay4ff Full Flow Shutoff Polymer Valve 4 Way.

000 key changes Body width 1 1 A B C Keyed alike to key code 0 1.

Pin cylinder helps prevent picking Dual locking levers provide extra pry resistance Halex 64420 Emt 90 Degree Elbow 2.

Shackle material. D Laminated Steel Pin Tumbler Padlock by Master Lock Primelineslideco U9558 Door Reinfocer Door 175 Thick.

LAMINATED STEEL PIN TUMBLER PADLOCK. KALH Laminated Steel Padlocks Keyed Alike multiple locks open with the same key feature a 1 1 in Body Length 1 1 in Body Length 1 1 in Body Width in Body Thickness Steel Body Silver Includes. Key type Keyed Alike rekeyable or not Non Rekeyable. Features 1 1 inch wide laminated steel body hardened steel shackle for excellent cut resistance.

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